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  • “An open heart. A short story” Cерия работ молодого фотографа Романа Жердицкого.

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    An open heart. A short story.

    Dedicated to my wonderful sister Anna and her beautiful baby girl Sofia.

    Any moment of creation is transformational. The moment of something as valuable and important as life being created is transformative not only to the people directly involved. A friendship being established, a moment of falling in love, the creation of a family, a child being born. I think these moments have something in common. Theyopen our hearts, and thus are of great value to us.

    “An open heart” is a phrase I considered just words with no true meaning for a long time. It has been one of the greatest discoveries and realization in my life that an open heart can actually be a feeling in me. Maybe because I did not allow it to happen more often, it took me such a long time to realize this. I just wish for others to get there faster.

    It is the simplest of feelings. It comes as a sensation of something growing and opening in the chest area, where the heart is. You could call it an energy or maybe a vibration. It is a sense of warmth and joy, which is so nice that you observe it with amazement and bewilderment over why you never noticed it before. At least that was what it felt like to me.

    This experience came to me when my niece was born. It was a marvelous day that showed me I could worry about someone beyond rational. This day made me aware of the enormous depth of the connection I have with my sister: a connection I would be never able to express in words. Better yet, on this day I realized that I could care about a little girl even before I met her ever in this world; care so much more than I could possibly care even for myself. And most of all this day revealed my love and appreciation for two wonderful people, and so much joy to be part of their lives: out of an open heart. It was a magical day!

    I can only wish for everyone to experience those things. And I cannot be anything butthankful to the people who gave this gift to me.

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    ““An open heart. A short story” Cерия работ молодого фотографа Романа Жердицкого.”
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