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    A very popular activity on the dunes of Thar is a camel trek. This is a more personal way to enjoy the desert flora and fauna. While you are on the highest dune, you may enjoy the glory of the setting sun.

    You would love to capture the breath-taking and picturesque views while going to a safari in majestic dunes of Thar Sam Sand Dunes.

    We recommend it highly as it would be a memory that you can share with your friends and family back home. The name Jaisalmer is an addiction in itself.

    Dive into the rich tradition and culture of Rajasthan by going out on the Camel Safari with the added attraction of a Cultural Programme.

    It is a great option for those who want to experience the Rajasthani Folk Dance & music.

    These tours offer you an opportunity to explore the desert as well as offers the delight to indulge in some elegant entertainment with the Rajasthani Folk Dance & Music.

    Enjoy all this in the backdrop of a camp with comfortable sitting arrangement. To top it all off our guides will serve fresh and mouth-watering food, to make your experience just perfect.

    You, Will Love, to Join India For Yoga

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